The Importance of General Dentistry

February 22, 2017 - 3 minutes read

The very term “general dentistry” is, well, general. Yet this field of dental care is the most basic, essential area of oral health. It is the basis of good tooth and gum health, helping to keep your family’s mouths in good shape and prevent small problems from turning into big ones.

What Is It?

General dentistry is simply the routine care and minor dental treatments that are necessary to maintain good dental health. As an experienced Wailuku dentist office, our team provides you with the basics of good preventative dentistry such as teeth cleanings, dental checkups, fillings, and oral hygiene guidance.

Routine Dental Care

Your general dentist will typically recommend a schedule of cleanings and checkups every six months, for everyone from very young children to aged adults. During these checkups our friendly team will perform a thorough cleaning, and do an examination to make sure there are no signs of cavities or gum disease. Once a year we will take x-rays for the purpose of documenting your tooth structure, as well as making sure there aren’t any deeper problems which aren’t visible upon examination.

Watching for Problems

Even if you keep all of your regular checkup appointments, you still want to stay alert for potential issues in between seeing your general dentist in Wailuku. Symptoms of a problem will typically show themselves during brushing or flossing. These signs could include bleeding gums, pain or discomfort, or a change in the color or appearance of your teeth or gums.

Any unusual oral health symptoms could indicate cavities, gum disease (such as gingivitis), or infection. Letting these problems go can lead to more severe issues requiring costly and invasive treatments. It’s important to pay attention to your tooth and gum health on a daily basis, as part of your normal oral hygiene regimen.

We know that when you’re seeking a Wailuku dental care provider, you want to find a general dentistry office with an experienced, friendly staff who makes your entire family feel at home. Your smile says so much about you and you need to be able to trust it to the right team.

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