What Is a Smile Makeover?

March 21, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Few things impact your self-confidence as much as your smile. If you’ve suffered from extensive tooth damage or decay over the years, you know how hard it is to feel good about baring your teeth in a grin. We think everyone should feel good about sharing their joy with those around them. A dental smile makeover can make the difference between hiding your teeth and feeling proud to show them off.

What Is Involved?

When you choose a smile makeover by your trusted Wailuku dentist, you will undergo a series of procedures designed to address your specific issues. While this does require a significant commitment on your part as the patient, we will make every effort possible to make the experience as comfortable and smooth as possible. Procedures you may undergo, depending on what kind of damage you have, include:

Whitening – this may be done at home with customized trays, or in our Wailuku dental office.

Bonding – this procedure is comprised of improving the teeth’s shape and surface through the use of a composite resin which matches the color your natural teeth.

Crowns – also known as dental caps, this part of a smile makeover consists of covering the damaged tooth with a whole new outer shell.

Implants – these alternatives to dentures and bridges give you a permanent tooth replacement which looks, feels, and functions just as your missing ones did.

Each step of the smile makeover is carried out individually, allowing time in between for your mouth to heal. This is a cosmetic dentistry treatment, and will create an entirely new look for your whole mouth.

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