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Restorative Dentistry

The more functional your mouth is throughout life, the higher your quality of life and the better your overall health. This is why Michael Miyamoto, DDS of Miyamoto Dental Design Suite Inc. in Wailuku, HI offers our patients a full array of comprehensive restorative solutions.

The loss of a single tooth can create a chain reaction of negative events in your mouth, leading to everything from uneven wear and tooth breakage to TMJ and further tooth loss. When a missing tooth is left without a restoration, adjacent teeth can begin to shift into the empty space, causing a changed bite. This is why we consider the importance of every individual tooth, and can offer multiple solutions for your needs. Our restorative treatments include:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental crowns (including CEREC services)
  • Dentures (full and partial)
  • Dental Bridges

Dental Bridgesdental bridge restorative dentistry

The loss of one or more teeth is a cosmetic and a functional issue. This is why Michael Miyamoto, DDS of Miyamoto Dental Design Suite Inc. in Wailuku, HI offers our patients comprehensive restorative solutions, including convenient and effective dental bridges.

A bridge is a lot like it sounds – a span of artificial teeth meant to replace any lost to decay, disease or trauma. However, they are not only cosmetic, they are also a restorative treatment that enables you to use your mouth as fully as before the loss of the teeth. The bridge can be fixed to two natural teeth, though these will require dental crowns to ensure the natural teeth can withstand the years of use, but we can also do two implants to serve as abutments for the bridge.


If you are without teeth, whether you are missing only a few teeth on an upper or lower arch, or the entire set, you can suffer a lot of troubling consequences. Your bite changes, the jaw and gum tissue recede, and even the soft tissue of the face takes on a collapsed and aged appearance. Dentures are a fast, effective and affordable solution. We are happy to offer you full or partial dentures based on your needs, and can also provide implant supported dentures and bridges as a permanent, low-maintenance and superior solution.

We also offer our patients the option of implant retained dentures. Implant retained dentures provide many benefits including stability and an increase in confidence. The implant retained dentures can secure dentures with only 2 dental implants. We also provide the option of implant supported dentures, which permanently attach dentures with only 4-6 dental implants, for a strong and secure solution. This option takes away the fear of dentures falling out while eating or speaking. Patients can now smile, speak and chew with confidence with the help of implant supported dentures. Click here to learn more about dentures.

Dental Crowns

If you ask anyone about dental work they have had done in the past, most will say they have at least one crown. This is because dental crowns are a universally effective solution to a long list of dental issues ranging from damaged teeth to dental implants. As a superior solution, they ensure you retain your natural teeth, using them fully and without pain or discomfort. However, we have taken another step forward with dental crowns by offering CEREC. This is a technology that enables us to make your dental crowns while you wait, cutting down treatment time to a single office visit! Click here to learn more about dental crowns.

Dental ImplantsDental Implants Restorative Dentistry

Dental implants are a remarkably beneficial technology. They allow our doctors to replace an entire missing tooth – roots and crown – ensuring your jaw and gum remain healthy and your remaining teeth stay properly aligned. Having this sort of restoration allows you to look, eat and speak naturally, and we are happy to meet with you to discuss all of our options. We can do single tooth or multi tooth implants, as well as implant dentures that can use two or more. We also offer All on 4 Implants for permanently fixed dentures. To learn more about dental implants, click here.

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  • We love Dr Michael Miyamoto. Rated the best dentist in Hawaii.Their relaxed confident professionalism exceeds your highest expectations & the warm personal experience is so amazing. The staff is exceptionally caring & instrumental to their top quality work.

    Alvin B.
  • Dr Miyamoto is a true EXPERT! I have been to many dentists in my 54 years and he is at the top of his game. Highly recommend.

    David Brown
  • I left feeling secure & safe & taken care of. It's with great relief to find someone that understands my pain, what I'm going through. He made me feel like he will do everything in his hands to help me get better. I felt very cared for & as a part of a beautiful family.

  • I've been going to the Miyamoto's for many years and see no reason to ever leave. Staff is friendly, considerate and professional. They worked with my Orthodontist and created a beautiful smile for me. Even my Orthodontist was impressed with the work Mike did.

    Robert Nakamura
  • It's hard to imagine necessary dental work as being a pleasant experience. However the courteous,professional and caring staff at Miyamoto Dental Design come very close to accomplishing this.With all the up to date tech they handle all of my dental needs nicely,and if you have an emergency they will always be there for you.

    William K.
  • I can't say enough about my satisfaction with Myamoto Dental. The staff is courteous and professional, the office is immaculate, and Dr. Mike took his time doing a perfect job with my new crown.

    Janice Francis