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General and Preventative Dentistry

Michael Miyamoto, DDS of Miyamoto Dental Design Suite Inc. in Wailuku, HI encourages our patients to enjoy the many benefits of our preventative and general dentistry treatments.

Though seen as some of the most basic care, they are the steps you can take to keep your oral health at the highest levels possible. With treatments that include cleanings and dental exams, you can be sure that any signs of decay or gum disease are caught early and treated effectively.

To ensure that your treatment yields the best results, we offer digital x-rays, fluoride treatments, aids to oral hygiene, sealants, and home care instruction. We also offer the very latest in periodontal disease prevention and treatment.

Dental Exams

Comprehensive dental exams are a key part of overall oral health and wellness. However, we do not count on simple visual exams. We use diagnostic x-rays to find decay, cysts, tumors, bone loss and even gauge the placement of your roots and teeth. We include an oral cancer screening, an evaluation for any signs of gum disease, and we also ensure that there are no signs of tooth decay.

Each patient’s regular exams also include a look at your existing restorations, such as your fillings and crowns to ensure that they too are in good shape and providing you with the comfort and function you need.

Consider exams an essential part of your oral health, and plan on one (or two) per year for the best results.

Dental X-Rays

As one of the best diagnostic tools available, dental x-rays do more than reveal the location of decay or cavities. Our dental x-rays are used as part of your annual or twice annual exams and cleanings, but are also called on to uncover any bone loss, tumors, cysts, abscesses, abnormalities in the teeth, poor alignment of the roots or teeth, and any problems beneath the gum line.

We use digital x-rays to ensure that patients are exposed to minimal levels of radiation, and also to provide a faster and far more comfortable experience. Images are available immediately and can then be used to help us make the ideal treatment plans. We will use them only when needed, but also suggest you have a full series every three to five years.

Dental Cleanings

As part of your regular dental exams, we will perform a full cleaning or dental prophylaxis. During this treatment, our hygienist will remove any plaque or tartar that has built up on your teeth and then carefully polish your teeth to ensure they are a free of stains and as much plaque as possible.

A cleaning is one simple way to keep the teeth in the best condition possible. Removing any plaque can prevent the buildup of tartar, which is what causes the initial stages of gum disease. It can capture bacteria beneath the gum line, and put your teeth and oral health at risk. Twice annual cleanings remove this buildup and give you a healthier smile.

During your cleaning, you can also discuss any oral hygiene aids that may help you to keep your mouth in better condition. Feel free to ask about flossing, brushing, tongue cleaners, mouth rinses and more. We can guide you towards the ideal options for your needs.

Dental Hygiene

The basic steps in dental hygiene are the two that you take each day – brushing and flossing. However, another key part of strong oral hygiene are the dental cleanings and exams you have in our office. Though your daily oral care is crucial to your best health, so too are those cleanings and exams. It is why “general” dentistry is also called “preventative” dentistry too.

During your cleanings, our hygienist can answer any question you might have about your oral health, and even show you where your flossing or brushing methods may be flawed.

Proper oral hygiene is the only way to reduce the threat of tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath (halitosis) and tooth staining. While we have remedies for all of those issues, prevention is the best and most cost-effective approach, and we are glad to offer you answers and support for optimal dental hygiene.


Periodontics is an area of dentistry focused on the structures that surround and support the teeth, meaning the gums and the jawbone. When you have gum disease, it usually means you are going to have periodontal treatment of some kind. We offer a variety of treatments that go beyond gum disease.

Our periodontal treatments include antibiotic treatment, crown lengthening, corrective treatments for the gum or jaw, treatment for gum recession, scaling and root planing, and pocket irrigation.

This is a complex and remarkably beneficial area of dentistry, and if you have any sort of gum disease or recession, or even if you are considering a dental implant and need a bone graft, we are here to help!

Composite Fillings

Also known as tooth colored fillings, composite fillings are a remarkably effective way to repair a tooth that has been damaged or which is suffering some decay. Unlike a crown that is bonded over the tooth, acting as a full shield, composite fillings are colored to match the tooth and then are bonded to the area where any damaged tooth material was removed.

A dependable part of restorative dentistry, they are a preferred option over the classic “metal” fillings, and can be used for more than just filling a cavity. Composite fillings can be used to cosmetically improve and restore chipped, cracked and broken teeth, they are ideal for closing the space between widely gapped teeth, they work well for small to moderately sized fillings.

As part of your oral healthcare, we may recommend composite fillings to enable you to enjoy full function of the mouth.

Oral Cancer Screenings (visual)

During your regular cleanings and exams, we are going to also perform an oral cancer screening. This is a visual scan that is meant to identify the earliest signs of cancerous or precancerous conditions in the mouth. The goal is to detect this problematic issue as early as possible in order to provide you with the best options for remedy and recovery.

The doctor is going to look for any patches that indicate abnormal cells or tissue, and if you wear dentures, you will have to remove them to ensure the most complete exam possible.

Part of all regular exams, oral cancer screening is partnered with a set of dental x-rays, which can reveal cancerous or non-cancerous tumors. We feel this presents us with the most accurate portrait of your oral health, and is why we encourage at least one exam and cleaning each year, though two is really optimal!

Bite Guards to prevent damage from clenching and grinding habits

During your dental exams, we are going to look for many different issues, including any signs of wear to the teeth or changes in the positions of the roots. We will also check the condition of your existing restorations, and if it appears that you are grinding or clenching your teeth, we may recommend a bite guard.

Created to prevent “bruxism” which is grinding and clenching the teeth during the day or as you sleep, mouth guards can help to prevent tooth damage or loss, pain in your face or neck, and will often decrease the risks of TMJ – a disorder in your temporomandibular joint.

We will use a mold of your mouth to create the perfect fit, and you will be able to comfortably, safely and easily wear your guard as your sleep, preventing any pain or damage.

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  • It's hard to imagine necessary dental work as being a pleasant experience. However the courteous,professional and caring staff at Miyamoto Dental Design come very close to accomplishing this.With all the up to date tech they handle all of my dental needs nicely,and if you have an emergency they will always be there for you.

    William K.
  • I can't say enough about my satisfaction with Myamoto Dental. The staff is courteous and professional, the office is immaculate, and Dr. Mike took his time doing a perfect job with my new crown.

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