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Betty (from Wailuku, Maui)

Betty was referred to me by a dentist for cosmetic and TMJ disorder treament. All her teeth were worn down and gray, with multiple missing teeth and a jaw joint restriction. TMJ treatment was done first to establish proper joint function and an ideal bite, then full mouth treatment with a combination of veneers, crowns, and bridges restored health and function, and gave her the kind of winning smile she always wanted!

Keith (from Wailuku, Maui)

Keith suffered from a medical condition which over the years resulted in severe erosion of his teeth. Eventually some of his teeth became so short, it was challenging to restore. Full mouth restorative treatment with crowns and veneers re-established ideal tooth size, oral health and function, and cosmetically enhanced his smile.


Malia (from Wailuku, Maui)

Malia came to me for a cosmetic consultation and was interested in straighter teeth, a better bite, and wanted to discuss cosmetic options. She elected to do ideal treatment that included orthodontic treatment, a crown, and an implant bridge. Form, function, and her cosmetic transformation is incredible!

Natassja (from Kahului, Maui)

Natassja accidentally knocked out her front tooth and chipped the 2 adjacent ones. The dislodged tooth was reimplanted and treated so her body will accept it again. 3 veneers were characterized to match her adjacent teeth then bonded in place. Natassja now has her stunning smile back again!

Karen (from Wailuku, Maui)

Karen decided it was time to enhance her smile. Upper anterior veneers and crowns did the job. She was so happy with it, she decided to also do lower anterior veneers for a perfect radiant smile!

Kahalelaau (from Wailuku, Maui)

Kahalelaau has had severe wear and chipping for years. His entire upper arch was treated with conventional porcelain and gold crowns and a bridge creating a strong, cosmetically enhanced smile.

Kelii (Pukalani, Maui)

An emergency room physician splinted Kelii’s front teeth due to a work related accident.
Gum grafting, root canals, crowns, and veneers not only corrected the damage but his new smile surpassed what was present before the accident.

Gayle (from Wailuku)

Gayle had been patiently waiting for the right time to get her perfect smile. When she was finally ready, it only required a few appointments to design, prepare and place multiple crowns and veneers to get the dream smile she had long been waiting for.

Tannis (from Wailuku, Maui)

Extensive cavities destroyed Tanis’ teeth and smile. In one appointment bonded white fillings restored her confidence and wonderful smile.

Lindsey (from Lahaina, Maui)

Lindsey had many cavities and wanted a nice  smile before she left Maui for a family  event.  All porcelain veneers and a crown  fixed her cavities and brightened up her smile.

Laura (from Kula, Maui)

Laura had multiple defective fillings along with crowded and rotated front teeth.  All porcelain veneers and crowns restored and straightened her teeth without  braces.  Instead of spending years in braces, she enhanced her smile restoratively in 4 weeks!

Tina (from Wailuku, Maui)

Tina’s chief complaint was generalized sensitivity, not being able to “find her (proper) bite”, and not being able to chew well.  This was largely due to severe wear and loss of height and anatomy of her teeth.  Over a period of a few months, we established  and confirmed a comfortable, reproducible bite and restored her entire mouth with a combination of all porcelain veneers and crowns, porcelain and gold crowns, an implant crown, and full gold crowns.  Now Tina enjoys her food again, is comfortable the way her teeth fit together, and has the additional benefit of a beautifully enhanced smile.

Evin (from Wailuku, Maui)

Evin was accidentally shot in the mouth on his first day out using an Airsoft Pellet Gun. He required root canal treatment due to a fracture through the nerve of this tooth and white cosmetic bonding to restore the missing structure. Although his smile is restored, this accident underscores the importance of protective gear in this and any other sport.

Melody (from Kula, Maui)

This patient was self-conscious of her smile for most of her life and was told many years ago that nothing could be done with the dark melanin pigmentation of her gums. I advised her that it is in fact a relatively simple procedure to get nice pink gums using our laser technology. After a few appointments, the all dark pigmentation has disappeared! (Photo taken with an intra-oral camera)

Wayne (from Pukalani, Maui)

Wayne had multiple defective restorations with a poorly aligned bite. All porcelain crowns restored his teeth, improved his bite, and brightened his smile.

Wendy (from Hana, Maui)

Wendy did not like her upper partial denture and was interested in a smile makeover. A combination of all porcelain veneers and porcelain and gold crowns and bridges completed her makeover resulting in a beautiful smile with long lasting restorations. Now all her teeth are fixed in place and she can throw her

Nicole (from Kahului, Maui)

Nicole was self-conscious of her smile and initially wanted to just level her two front teeth to make it even. After a simple smile and bite analysis, we determined that she could benefit from increased length of all four front teeth. In one appointment, four direct resin veneers were completed to create a radiant smile!

Alan (from Wailuku)

Alan had long wanted to cosmetically fix his front teeth. When he was ready for a
cosmetic work-up, we discussed the option of restoring all his teeth not only for cosmetics but
also for proper function. Full mouth restorative treatment not only resulted in the smile he
wanted but also a long lasting ideal bite.

Gayle (from Wailuku)

Gayle had been patiently waiting for the right time to get her perfect smile. When she was finally ready, it only required a few appointments to design, prepare and place multiple crowns and veneers to get the dream smile she had long been waiting for.

Kyle (from Wailuku, Maui)

Kyle has crowding and severe chipping of his front teeth. All porcelain veneers corrected his irregularly shaped teeth and his crowding and rotations without the need for braces in 2 appointments.

Donna (from Kahului)

  • We love Dr Michael Miyamoto. Rated the best dentist in Hawaii.Their relaxed confident professionalism exceeds your highest expectations & the warm personal experience is so amazing. The staff is exceptionally caring & instrumental to their top quality work.

    Alvin B.
  • Dr Miyamoto is a true EXPERT! I have been to many dentists in my 54 years and he is at the top of his game. Highly recommend.

    David Brown
  • I left feeling secure & safe & taken care of. It's with great relief to find someone that understands my pain, what I'm going through. He made me feel like he will do everything in his hands to help me get better. I felt very cared for & as a part of a beautiful family.