Why Teeth Whitening in Maui Should Be On Your Holiday Shopping List

December 20, 2018 - 4 minutes read

The holiday season is almost over and with that, you might have realized that you can’t think of something good to gift to a loved one or maybe even to yourself. One holiday gift you might not have thought of is professional teeth whitening. Miyamoto Dental Design Suite Inc. in Maui can provide you or your loved one with a beautiful teeth whitening treatment as a holiday gift if you would like. Find out why teeth whitening in Maui should be on your shopping list.

Professional Teeth Whitening Looks Great

You might have gifted teeth whitening strips from the drugstore as a present before. But what you didn’t know is that over the counter teeth whitening treatments are usually a disappointment and therefore a waste of money. With professional teeth whitening, you are giving a guaranteed whiter smile. A professional treatment can whiten up to 6 shades and give results you can’t find in a box. Our Maui dentist can give you or a loved one the exact white smile you desire. This is done by providing you with the correct teeth whitening treatment. You won’t end up with a smile that is too white, a smile that is uneven or even a smile with little to no change in color. Professional teeth whitening is the only option for perfectly white teeth.

Teeth Whitening Lasts Long

When you give professional teeth whitening as a present this holiday season, you are giving a gift that lasts all year long. Professionally teeth whitening contains a high bleach concentrate to provide you with a smile that doesn’t fade even when it comes into contact with the coffee. Of course, over time it will fade if you continue to drink and eat foods that stain or continue habits like smoking that may yellow your teeth. However, professional teeth whitening can provide beautiful results that can last all year, much longer than any over the counter whitening treatment. This one gift will be a smile for the next year.

Professional Teeth Whitening Helps You Maintain a Healthy Smile

Before we can administer a tooth whitening treatment in Maui, we must first determine if a patient has a healthy enough smile for the treatment. This means that your mouth is free from dental decay as well as cavities and gum disease. All issues must be resolved before your treatment. Once your smile is healthy we can whiten your smile to your desire. After you see your beautiful results, this will encourage you to keep your smile healthy so that it always looks that great. When you give the gift of teeth whitening, you are also giving the gift of a healthy smile.

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